College Counseling and Insights from Stuart Nachbar aka ‘Ed Quest’

Hi, I’m Stuart Nachbar, aka ‘Ed Quest.’  My personalized college counseling services will help your family to make the best-informed decisions about a college education. The most important job of a college counselor is to help students and parents to build a list of the schools that best fit their needs and compare their college options–and I am the one of the best at doing precisely that!

Every student is different, and my personalized college counseling services focus on finding schools where a student is most likely to succeed academically, socially and financially, as well as go on to rewarding life after graduation. I’ll help you consider costs, comforts, community, curricula and connections–and many other things to guide you on your journey to college–and save you time and money along the way!  I  also help students to prepare their admissions essays in their unique voice.

My personalized  college counseling services provide your family with the “inside baseball” to help you to choose your best fit and understand how the schools do business.I have personally visited and written about many schools. I have also done business with colleges and universities for more than two decades as an urban economic development professional, a software marketing executive and published author. That makes me unique among independent college admissions advisors.

Tell your friends about me and my  college counseling services. There’s a critical shortage of good advice. The best advice should go viral! I also share profiles of the colleges that I personally visit on this site, offer unique insights that you won’t find in the education press as well as search tips, many available nowhere else online!

For more information, contact me directly at, or call me at 609-406-0062.

I look forward to helping your family on the journey to college!