Your Best College Guide

Starting on the journey to college?

Need a college guide to help?

If so, welcome to EducatedQuest.

I’m Stuart Nachbar, aka ‘Ed Quest.’  I look forward to being your college guide. I’ve visited many schools in my working life, and I write about several here. I’ve read too many a college guide that “talks” only to students and tells them too little to help them make a decision. Nobody wrote a college guide catered to parents–until I took on the challenge.

I’ve been around colleges and universities for more than two decades, long enough to know what you and your family should expect from them, and what they will expect from you. I became a college counselor and started this college guide because I believe that I can help students and their families make better-informed, and often more cost-effective decisions. If I can help you here with my college guide, I’ve created a win-win. If you need my help to make your personal college guide, I’m ready to get to work for you.

The journey to college is exciting, but also fraught with loose and misleading pieces of information. I’ll tie the loose ends  and help you separate facts from fables, so you can make a well-informed decision. I hope that EducatedQuest will be an important college guide for your journey to college.


Let’s take the journey together!