Profile: Marist College (NY)

I visited Marist College (NY) around Veteran’s Day week as part of a trip to visit schools in New York’s Hudson River Valley. I came away impressed with the school and gathered enough information to write a profile and make a Pinterest page. Situated along the Hudson River waterfront, Marist College has one of the most attractive campuses you will find in the New York area. The college also has its own campus in Florence, Italy.

Marist College is a mid-sized school (just under 5,000 full-time undergraduates) that is organized much like a university with separate schools for  Communications and the Arts, Computer Science and Mathematics, Liberal Arts, Management, Science and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Business, Communications and Fashion Design and Merchandising are among the more popular majors, but there are standout programs in several others, as you will see in the profile.

Marist College takes excellent advantage of its location and alumni base in and around New York City and Duchess County to help students find internships as well as full-time jobs. Marist has more partnerships with private firms and non-profit organizations than prospective students might expect for a school of this size. Students, usually juniors, may spend a semester living in Manhattan or abroad in work and/or study. Marist students have opportunities that are rarely available at similarly sized schools.

Marist is a campus-based community. While Poughkeepsie is host to two other colleges (Vassar and the Culinary Institute of America), students from the schools do not interact. While Marist students, past and present, find their off-campus hang outs , Poughkeepsie is not really a college town. It is, however, a county seat and good location for many internship and community service opportunities.

At around $50,000 for tuition and fees, room and board, Marist’s sticker price is competitive with non-resident charges at many state universities in the Northeast, and considerably lower than nearby private schools including Fairfield University, Fordham and NYU. However, the largest merit award is only $15,000 while the college cannot meet the full financial need for students who need financial aid beyond student loans.

Among private schools in the New York area that offer liberal arts and pre-professional degrees, Marist is the best buy. I invite you to read more and check out the pictures I collected.

Report Card for Marist College

  • Four-Year/Six-Year Graduation Rates: B+/B+
  • Freshman Retention: A
  • Costs: B
  • Curriculum: A
  • Community: B+
  • Comforts: A
  • Connections: A (New York area)/B elsewhere

To learn more about Marist College and similar schools that might be a good college fit, contact me at or call me at 609-406-0062.. 

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